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Sail Away with this Author on Finn’s Ship!

Sail Away with this Author on Finn's Ship!

Finn on winter vacation in Germany

Learn more about the author and inspiration for Finn’s Ship
in this interview

Sail Away with this Author on Finn’s Ship!.

Listen to a story


Squonk and the Lake Monster

by P.M. Butler from one of my favorite podcasts, Podcastle. Podcastle is also available on iTunes.

Squonk and Slowfingers had been playing catch–well, trying to play catch. You see, Squonk was a dragon, and his best friend Slowfingers was a raccoon. Listen to the story

Note to parents: Squonk is rated G but many other PodCastle stories are not!

Be a character in my next book

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Your creative side


Choose a topic from our list below and start writing! See what other kids wrote.

Or, write the next sentence in this story:

Katje sat at her pottery wheel creating a flower vase when suddenly a voice from inside the the spinning clay said to her, “Hey, stop spinning me already. I’m dizzy!”

Katje looked stopped turning the wheel and looked inside the clay vase. To her amazement, she saw…

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