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Listen to a story


Squonk and the Lake Monster

by P.M. Butler from one of my favorite podcasts, Podcastle. Podcastle is also available on iTunes.

Squonk and Slowfingers had been playing catch–well, trying to play catch. You see, Squonk was a dragon, and his best friend Slowfingers was a raccoon. Listen to the story

Note to parents: Squonk is rated G but many other PodCastle stories are not!

Your creative side


Choose a topic from our list below and start writing! See what other kids wrote.

Or, write the next sentence in this story:

Katje sat at her pottery wheel creating a flower vase when suddenly a voice from inside the the spinning clay said to her, “Hey, stop spinning me already. I’m dizzy!”

Katje looked stopped turning the wheel and looked inside the clay vase. To her amazement, she saw…

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Who’s fastest?

Need for speed

In the next book of the Finn’s Travels series, Finn’s Car, Finn and his engineering class design and build a hybrid go-kart.

In this case, hybrid means a go-kart with a gas motor and an electric engine. Hybrid vehicles tend to be more fuel efficient than traditional systems.

What kind of races have you been in? Running? A relay race? Bicycles? Skating? In which kind of races are you fastest?

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Greener Planet

high-speed train

InterCity Express speeds through Europe

Have you ever traveled by train?

In Europe, people often ride trains instead of driving their cars, which saves fuel and reduces pollution. It also reduces the amount of traffic on the road.You can stand up or sit down, read or write, or even visit the restaurant car while you ride. Modern trains travel at over 100 mph!

Why is it important to conserve resources?  What are some ways you can reduce, reuse & recycle?

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Read any good books lately?


Red helps Finn translate the diary

Bruno’s smart sister Birgit, also known as Red, helps Finn solve the mystery in his father’s travel journal.

The journal is written in German, which Finn speaks a little, but needs help reading it. But Finn and his friends are also looking for clues to find Dad’s treasure.

What kind of books do you like to read?
Do you read mysteries?  What was the best book you’ve ever read and why?

Click on the picture answer and see what others wrote. You may be surprised what you find out!

Addicted to computer games?

Finn's cousin


Finn’s cousin Bruno is a computer whiz and he likes playing video games, too. If you play too much and can’t stop, your parents might say you’re addicted.

What games do you play and why?
Are you and your friends addicted?

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When I grow up


Aymee works on board a cruise ship because she loves to travel to faraway places. When the ship is in port, she and her friends explore. She works very hard cleaning cabins, but when she has free time on board, she reads about different countries before she visits them.

Tell a story beginning with the words “When I grow up, I want to be a…” Tell why!
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