Q. How do I use this website?
A. Choose a topic which interests you. Click on a picture or the word COMMENTS to answer a question and see what others wrote.

Write a story, real or made up. Or tell us how you feel about the topic. Or ask other kids a question. I can’t wait to read what you write!

Q. How do I leave a comment?
A. To leave a comment, you have to sign in.

  • For name, use your First name and Last initial, as in ‘Serena S.’ Don’t use your full name.
  • For email, You don’t need to use a real email address. You may use me@mail.com.
  • You don’t need provide a website.

Q. Why is somebody else’s name above my comment? How can I fix that?
A. Sometimes the name of the last person to use the computer is still logged in. At the top of your computer screen, under the web address where it says FILE, EDIT, VIEW, FAVORITES, TOOLS… Choose TOOLS and then Delete Browsing History. Choose Delete. You may also need to click ‘Refresh’ or F5.

Q. I made a comment but I can’t see it right away. How do I see what I wrote and what others wrote to me?
A. Comments will be moderated. That means, I will check to make sure you followed the above rules (like, don’t use your last name) and no profanity or otherwise inappropriate content. You may also need to click ‘Refresh’ or F5.

Q. How do I contact Ms. Hoerman / Serena Schreiber?
A. Leave a comment on any page and I will get back to you!

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