About the books

The Finn’s Travels adventure series is appropriate for grades 4-8. No profanity or graphic violence occurs in these books.

Finn’s Ship

Lexile Level: 750
Royal Palm Literary Award Winner, 2011

Finn’s Ship begins the series in middle school, where Finn, an average kid who likes skateboarding and soccer finds out that his father, who died when he was a baby, had a connection to the Nazi party. He struggles with his heritage as a German American and classmates’ taunting. With best friend Burrito, Finn travels to Germany to unravel the mystery surrounding his father. Along the way they seek treasure, disguise themselves as fairytale characters, are unwilling stowaways, and bump into a few celebrities. Kids learn about German culture and travel in Europe.

Educators: Finn’s Ship Reading Counts Quiz is available!
Parents: Check with your Media Center.

Finn’s Car

Lexile Level: not yet determined
Advanced reader program available summer 2012
To participate or contact Serena, leave a comment in the box below.

Finn’s Car, book two is a standalone story about Finn of his first year in high school. His engineering club is building a hybrid go-kart to race against teams from other countries. The team is invited to compete in Monte Carlo before the Monaco Grand Prix Formula One race. But someone is seeking to either sabotage the karts or steal their designs. Finn must decide, will he try to win at all costs?

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