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Tween the Weekends. Where can you find great books for 10-12 year-olds?  Visit Tween the Weekends on the Fourth Wednesday of the month for your next favorite read!

EP070: Squonk the Dragon


PodCastle Another great story for kids from the folks at PodCastle just for kids. The story starts about two minutes in.

Enjoy!  EP070: Squonk the Dragon.

Home stretch for Finn’s Car

Axel lines up for the start

Advance readers are reading the last two chapters of Finn’s Car before school starts on Monday. In the exciting conclusion to the story, Axel participates in the race of his life and Finn’s hybrid go-kart team competes against the highly favored German and Japanese teams at the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo.

Party on a yacht in Monaco

Party on a yacht

photo credit: GetIntoZeChoppa via photo pin cc

Finn’s Car advance readers round a corner in Chapter 8 before the go-kart race. The action continues in Monaco where Mr. Lafferty is shocked and Finn and Burrito party on board the Indian Empress, Parminder’s uncle’s exclusive yacht. Celebrities from Top Gear hobnob with Formula One drivers, fashion models and royalty. Party on, Finn!

Finn’s Car racing to November deadline

Need for speed

Finn’s Car is zooming through the editing process, getting ready to cross the finish line for our November deadline in time for the Grand Prix of Palm Beach, the first street course go-kart event to race in downtown West Palm Beach, past the mega yachts in the harbor, just like a scene out of the book!

Leading up to the launch date, we’ll have giveaways and contests. If you’re an advance reader, be sure to comment on the Finn’s Car page, as one lucky kid will appear in the final version of the story.

Until then, Serena keeps typing away.

Sail Away with this Author on Finn’s Ship!

Sail Away with this Author on Finn's Ship!

Finn on winter vacation in Germany

Learn more about the author and inspiration for Finn’s Ship
in this interview

Sail Away with this Author on Finn’s Ship!.

Listen to a story


Squonk and the Lake Monster

by P.M. Butler from one of my favorite podcasts, Podcastle. Podcastle is also available on iTunes.

Squonk and Slowfingers had been playing catch–well, trying to play catch. You see, Squonk was a dragon, and his best friend Slowfingers was a raccoon. Listen to the story

Note to parents: Squonk is rated G but many other PodCastle stories are not!

Be a character in my next book

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Be one of the first to read Finn’s Car as it’s being written. Tell me what you like or don’t like. Read what other kids thought. One lucky kid will become a character in the story.

Find out more about Finn’s Car here

More information for parents and teachers here

Your creative side


Choose a topic from our list below and start writing! See what other kids wrote.

Or, write the next sentence in this story:

Katje sat at her pottery wheel creating a flower vase when suddenly a voice from inside the the spinning clay said to her, “Hey, stop spinning me already. I’m dizzy!”

Katje looked stopped turning the wheel and looked inside the clay vase. To her amazement, she saw…

Click on the picture to write the next part of this story.

Opal goes shopping. Gets a dog.

Because of Winn Dixie

What we're reading

A girl named Opal goes shopping at the supermarket. But instead of food, she winds up getting a dog, which is a good thing because she needs a friend. She’s new in town and her mom is gone. Her daddy the Preacher doesn’t like to talk about it.
Winn Dixie (the dog, not the store) helps her make more new friends. She meets Miss Franny Block the librarian, Otis in the pet shop, and Gloria Dump who is nearly blind but sees exactly what’s going on.
Who was your favorite character and why?
What part of the story did you like best?
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